The most important benefits of a partnership with Solus:

  • You get access to top brands of accessories for mobile phones and photo brands;
  • Advice you on the choice of equipment or product range that best suits your needs and business goals;
  • We offer superior logistics, delivering 90% of new shipments within 24 hours in the wider Zagreb area and 48h for the remaining territory of the Republic of Croatia (contact us to find specific delivery times for foreign markets);
  • Supporting your marketing efforts with our promotional materials and content for your website and online store;
  • We monitor the market closely and inform you about the latest trends in the industry to help you be ahead of the competition;
  • Always seeking the most favourable and beneficial terms for our partners, and adapt our offer accordingly to provide exactly what is most needed and desired by you and your customers;
  • Quality stock of products provided, which is able to satisfy demand even in periods of highest sales (for example, in December and before Black Friday).


How can I become a Solus partner?

Firstly, start the registration process on our webshop.

We shall get in touch within the following 48 hours to determine your needs and offer appropriate conditions and benefits. They will be integrated into your account when activated.

For any additional information, please contact us via our contact form or phone.